Our unique blend of juices incorporates robust flavors that truly give you a full bodied taste unlike any other. Crafted with CleanVape™ Technology, a revolutionary new product innovation from Our manufacturers. Our juices are proudly manufactured locally in the USA. From our manufacturing to our sales team and customer service you can rest assured you will always have a local USA based representative readily available to speak to you! 

Made With Clean Vape Technology™

CleanVape™ Technology is a revolutionary new product innovation from Our manufacturers that is manufactured in a cGMP facility located in the United States. This groundbreaking technology was created by experts in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, who have over 72 years of experience in their related fields. All of the products using CleanVape™ Technology or CVT liquids, are manufactured entirely within a closed loop system, CVT liquids are produced using only USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, proprietary NadurraNic™ Nicotine, and proprietary certified clean flavorings. By using NadurraNic™ nicotine with real time, five-year stability data, We have created e-Liquids that are without equal in the industry today. To ensure customer satisfaction and safety, We utilize the most widely recognized testing methods to ensure that all CleanVape™ e-Liquids are free of harmful ingredients.